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Hello! Glad you found it in here. You may be vising this Editor's blog, because I posted here before, and now you wonder where did all the old posts go (and there were few truly important to me, but they all got hidden by me now, so only I can get back to them, whenever I feel like reading them one more time or maybe putting them back to public from my personal drafts). The answer is simple - I decided to start it all over again - from scratch. I mean, writing in here.

..I had (last) two extremely busy years full of all kinds of plans, hard work, some life changes, a lot of meetings, approaches and new goals, financial and other losses, professional studies, new ideas and hopes, and plenty of different and strong (good & bad) emotions, but wasn't ready to share any of it in the Editor's blog for all to see. Despite the fact that I wanted it to be genuine and about me 100%. I just didn't feel like it was the right timing for me to post without true desire. And especially when my magazine wasn't out yet at that time, even though I wanted to share my insights while I was working on it, but it was a bad idea to invest time in it at that point (especially if you knew how overwhelmed I was by all the work I did to make it all - a magazine - happen). And I wanted to be ready to write down my thoughts on not just my life in general, but everything related to my work, once I'd have a feeling that I can keep it up - hopefully this time I will have more inspiration to work on this and will try to make it my routine, because I always have so much to say, yet not so many places where to share it, but I always secretly wanted to continue it in here.

+I like the idea of having a blog - not on Instagram, where you can barely say more than few sentences, and not on Facebook, where the idea is to either talk to my friends or advertise my services on my photography or L&L magazine page, but rather having a place for a longer text and for larger stories and discussion - an addition to my magazine, that's been printed a year ago, because I know how important it still is to have both - a physical magazine copy and those online additions to it, because not everyone is as excited about printed papers, magazines and books, like I am (and I am old-fashioned photographer - my excuse:), and still collects them

..And I also want to write about other people as well (just like in my magazine) and share it instantly via my blog (because preparing a printed magazine issue takes almost a year full of work). Like I already mentioned years ago, I will have a few sections for this type of content - one will be called "5 questions with" - and there I will interview interesting people about their expertise in a form of short questions - this way it sums it up and is a nice way to get to know new and existing talents, new cultures and people from all over the world.

P.S. If you have any ideas, please, let me know in the comments section, what do you think and what you would want me to write about! As I am trying to make it a place, where both my lifestyle and personal and professional experiences can help and benefit someone of you, but I'm also ready to learn (because in life it is continuous) new things and am happy to cooperate. I promise, that I will try to keep this writing project "alive", even though I am desperately busy with everything, but my personal willing to have a blog in that old-fashion sense should have its second chance to be rebuilt and eventually grow. 🌸 At least I want that a lot, because I really enjoy writing. Will see how it goes! Looking forward to my new experimental posts.

Cheers to that! Hope you will enjoy your stay. Btw this seems to be my first ever picture I've posted on Instagram, so I wanted to start with it here as well. And there will be many more photos posted later. I need a place where to share my recent work after all, so stop by again and let's stay in touch. See you soon! 💜 - Love x Yours, Veronica Lounge /Editor of Lounge & Lifestyle

Veronica Lounge

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