Why seasons don't matter in Lounge & Lifestyle

Hi there! Long time since my latest post here, even though I promised to make blog posts more regularly than once in a year, I know. My excuse is too many travels and studies during this spring, which literally took all my time, but now I luckily have some to finally share some of my inspiration and thoughts - mainly on my L&L project.

..So we are living in June now and I just came back to Finland after my 1,5 weeks travel back home to Saint-Petersburg and right before that I recovered from, I think, 2 weeks lasting flu since I returned ill from my short vacation in Spain during this May, where hot summer weather and air conditioning (as well as bad lack of sleep) were truly complementing each other, and yet surprisingly it was getting over 35 degrees in Finland on my arrival back here, so all I could think of was how strange it is lately to keep up with the temperature and this is including my same thoughts during end of winter and the beginning of spring. Surely it's not the same anymore. And it changes so quickly, but I really like it, though.

..I remember last summer started very early in Finland (in May). I was traveling to my exams all month wearing only summer dresses, as it was +35°C all the time. Pretty unsual to have really hot spring month, when all summers here temperature was barely getting over +25°C and we were lucky, if there was one sunny and hot week. Few summers back I was home in Saint-Petersburg in mid of July and we had snow/ice together with rain, so I had to think twice before going out every single time, and once went to my meeting with one L&L subject and chose to wear summer high heel shoes together with a skirt and top and a winter coat on it. Apart from typical mood changes in Saint-Petersburg weather, where you really never know what's going to come and have to really equip yourself with umbrella and coat even on a hot summer day or let it all just surprise yourself, I cannot anymore see those very clear and smooth transitions in our four seasons changes like we used to remember them before. I'm not going to get any deeper into a climate change debate, however it is ironic, that this same path isn't working in fashion, photography and magazine industries anymore either, or the "rules" have become less strict, giving us - and independent publishers especially - more freedom to express ourselves.

Photos of Lapland in our 1st Lounge & Lifestyle issue, published in 2018. Buy your print magazine copy here
If before it was obvious, that the winter or a summer issue had to contain only winter related material and/or summer related photos and editorials and the magazines had to sometimes start to prepare each issue even 6 months before, now drawing the lines isn't this clear - depending on a project, of course. When I was thinking, what kind of people I was going to interview and publish in my L&L project as well as trying to imagine how all of these photos would really look like together as one final resulting piece, I wasn't thinking of any seasons, because what mattered to me was the idea of showcasing the people and their stories no matter where and when it was taking place, and probably because this isn't a fashion magazine, so editorial photos didn't have to be on time - even from commercial point of view it wasn't relevant, as it's a diary - not fashion or the news. 

That's why I'm posting this tonight after midnight and illustrate it with a winter still-life shot of my magazine spread, though it is end of June. I know to some it wouldn't make any sense, but I feel free to post summer photos in winter too, if that will somehow pop up in my mind and feel relevant to the idea of my posts or magazine articles :) I think seasons do not hold us together, because life is, and does it really matter if it rains or snows? We will still remember the people, who care about us and for whom we care about, and the beauty of weather just helps to make our days happier. 

On this positive note I will continue my work with some of my recent photos I took during last travels and will really enjoy my warm and quiet summer nights with my tea (even though I just said that seasons don't really matter, haha:), feeling excited that there are still two more summer months left, yet not being afraid of what else is there to come after it. Wish you a beautiful start of the week (last week of June by the way:) - time really flies too fast)! Yours 💜, Veronica Lounge / Photographer & Editor of Lounge & Lifestyle

Veronica Lounge

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