In the Mood for Love or 5 poetic movies about love

..As I am currently back home in Saint-Petersburg, which is for sure one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in the world, where its famous white nights during summers and its amazing people, early mornings filled with deep talks about life, hundreds of cozy cafés and restaurants, breathtaking city sights and overall mood is constantly making me fall deeply in love with it, I wanted to take a moment to share some of the most poetic love movies I saw, that complement my mood, while I am here, despite the fact that you might have never heard of them before, yet that are unquestionable treasures. My top list is not based on how familiar or talented these movies are, but on their special feel, so if you want to find out my movie favourites in general, I will make another post about them later on. But right now I am sharing those films, that you would want to watch alone or with your lover on a rainy or lonely evening, movies where their atmosphere and character conversations matter, where life and story is captured like art, sometimes in slow motion and where you thank director of photography for those beautiful angles and colours, and, if they hit the right mood, you will enjoy them a lot. Each of these movies made me think, dream and have inspired me, therefore I really do hope it will do the same for you as well. They are not in my preference order, but I'd definitely watch at least 3 of them, in case if you love lounge like I do and still read poetry, which is a sure sign that you would also appreciate my movie taste. So, let's get started! Yours 💜, Veronica Lounge / Editor of Lounge & Lifestyle

1. For Lovers Only (2011)
Directed by Michael Polish


My friend Alexey recommended me this movie to watch several years ago, because we have similar taste in music, and he nailed it 100%. It is a beautiful, a little lightly sad, but very passionate story about two talented people, who once loved each other madly, and they meet again. Everything is beautiful in this film - main roles playing actors, all the locations and music and every word, superb directing and every single scene. As a photographer I found it so pleasing to the eye, that I wanted to screenshot every single frame of it and study the light later on. It is so pure and impossibly realistic, that it will fill you with full spectrum of raw emotions and you will live every minute of it totally seduced by sensuality of this Frenchy story of escape and in its black&white feel. It will sometimes make you cry and worry about the outcome of this story of two soulmates struggling with regret of mutual loss and bad timing. And you will understand it all, if you ever loved for real.

2. Un Homme et Une Femme (1966)
Directed by Claude Lelouch


This one is a classic and you don't need many words to understand the poetry of loving and love, to appreciate beautiful scenes of this romantic French movie with great actors and a retro feel. It does show once again that sometimes two people cross paths and even through fear and insecurities they really need each other. A Man and a Woman won Palme d'Or in 1966 at the Cannes Film Festival, two Golden Globe Awards for Best Foreign Language Film and Best Actress - Drama, and two Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language FIlm and Best Original Screenplay.

3. Before We Go (2015)
Directed by Chris Evans

I watched it by chance, and it made me feel a sudden nostalgie - maybe because it reminded me of one special person, of some stories that were left untold and inspired me all the way through while leading me to the end of it, which can be viewed as something negative based on the comments I've read after I've watched it, but I think it was still a beautiful way of allowing our imagination to decide, whether we want a happy end or not. And just like in life, best things happen by chance. And that is a real beauty of it.

4. Begin Again (2014)
Directed by John Carney

Begin Again is a light film about music and people in the industry, and it is equivalent of fresh air to me, which will make you feel alive, as it leaves you in happiness and smiling during every minute of watching it. It's not my favourite in terms of how they portray the love story of main characters, but I know that love can be different, either way it became one of my favourite movies I always get back to, whenever I'm sad or need something good to remind me of how beautiful life really is. I highly recommend it to all creatives and dreamers, who, I'm sure of it, would like it and understand.

5. In The Mood For Love (2000)
Directed by Wong Kar-wai 

This one is a definite must watch and I call it true art and a visual masterpiece. Filled with beautiful scenes in slow motion, very strong, delicious and exotic colours, great music and poetic love story it touches all your senses all at once. Moreover than that, I think it's one of the best movies I have ever seen.

P.S. There are, of course, many more great movies about love, but in here I focused on the specific mood and I would like to save my other favourites of all genres for another post:) Stay tuned! - VL

Veronica Lounge

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