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Here are several questions and answers we thought you might be willing to read through about our magazine project. We will be adding some more information soon, so please come back to this page anytime to discover more about us. You can also ask questions directly here in the comments and we will make sure that we will cover the most important topics within this thread. Thank you for your time and interest and we hope that you enjoy our blog! - Best wishes, Veronica Lounge and Lounge & Lifestyle team.



What is the difference between your upcoming print magazine issue(s) and your Editor's blog?

Our magazine is primarily thought to be coming out in print, but, however, we really wanted to engage with you more than just quarterly and bring you the full and most wide experience possible, so we created our online addition to our upcoming print magazine, which is this Editor's blog you are now reading. The main difference between those two is that for each of our upcoming print magazine issues we collect several articles about people we meet in person, have a shoot and make our interview and later article with them. These stories are about our personal perception of and during our communication and the artist or person themselves, coming together with beautiful photos and editorials, that will illustrate each page of Lounge & Lifestyle. Each issue is a unique piece and body of work dedicated to one theme, where we expand our photographic vision to a new level, and where you can see a connection between our subjects throughout the whole magazine generated by our diary type written visual storytelling. There will also be lots of unpublished material and information you can't primarily find in our Editor's blog. The latter, first of all, is designed to mainly keep you posted, to share our news, thoughts and personal experience. However, it won't be limited to that only, because we plan a set of short articles and interviews for our online audience to be presented within our Editor's blog webpage. Both physical magazine and our Editor's blog posts will be coexisting and work each its own primary function and complementing each other, while creating a place, where many random good people and creatives can and will be appreciated. Another crucial difference in our opinion is, of course, the fact that our physical magazine copies read-through experience is not the same compared to the short digital blog alternative of it.

How do you choose your subjects for your printed mag? Is it based on a celebrity status or your reason is simply a personal one?

From the very start of Lounge & Lifestyle we wanted to showcase people and projects, that inspire us a lot - no matter their occupation, location and other unspecified terms. But either their work or personal impact meant something to us or moved us, and as a result we wanted to get to know them better. These people are not necessarily famous, though some of them truly are, and can be our friend or a stranger we discovered a year ago. That's what makes our project so beautiful. We are not interested in promoting the brands or already established artists for money or mutual exposure, and, in case they are well-known in their field, we want to feature their personal side and not focus on their work, about which you can always read on their business pages. We want to bring you the character out and our personal experience, replicate you the atmosphere of our meetings via our text and the photos of them. Therefore you can see it doesn't really matter, whether our subject is famous or not - we choose them based on our intuition combined with that something, which once took our breath away.

Veronica Lounge is a Photographer. Does it mean this is a photography only related magazine? What kind of people and topics will be covered in Lounge & Lifestyle

Yes, Veronica Lounge is a professional Fashion & Lifestyle and Still-Life Photographer. However, within this project we wanted to focus on everything, which inspires us and it is not anyhow limited to photography only, other than that Veronica will be shooting her subjects herself and 99% of all images displayed in our magazine will be created and shot by her. We will be covering very different topics such as photography, art and design, fashion, music and travel and many more within our newborn magazine , and our guests may have careers in all fields, but the key element is that they do something, which interested us and we wanted to tell you their story.

In a world of digital age right now why you have decided to make it in print? How about going green and saving on printing costs etc.?

Good question. The answer to this is that I am a Photographer. In my opinion photography only lives, when it's in print and vice versa. There's nothing more pleasing than looking through a photo not on a computer screen, but live - either on paper or big gallery print - and if you have ever been visiting photo gallery or  a museum, you will understand what I mean - slightly different experience. And because my magazine got its idea coming from photography in first place, it would be a mistake to follow the trend and compensate the quality, while having a physical magazine copy to rewatch anytime would be much pleasing in my opinion. And it is not too far from the truth, because good photography is not designed to be viewed on the mobile phone screen and other devices, except for a good calibrated studio monitor. It is professional photographer speaking, I know. And I also understand, that many people, who are not photographers, might not see the difference between web and print, and might even prefer to just flip though the massive amount of images daily (without remembering any of them), however, this project is also representing myself in some way and is a collection of my own portfolio work, therefore I want it to be done the way it also should be presented. And what comes to going green, we have decided to offer a print-on-demand as our primary option, so the paper and trees are saved, yet everyone gets their copy whenever they want.

It doesn't say if this is a monthly or bimontly or quarterly magazine. Can you, please, expand on this topic?

Yes, we are currently in a working mode of finishing our articles and heading towards printing of our magazine very soon and plan to start selling first issue during beginning of this year 2017 - before summer at the latest. And we can say for sure that this won't be a monthly magazine due to Veronica's main work as a Photographer, but this one is still being negotiated and most certainly we will be letting our readers know, what we decide. Right now we are thinking to make our each new issue come out every 4 or 5 months - that way there will be enough time to prepare all material needed for it. During the wait we will always be producing and updating our digital content, that you can find here, our Instagram or Facebook.

I found some mistakes in your texts. What should I do?

Firstly, good eye! And because nearly all of our content is being written by our Editor and Photographer Veronica Lounge in real time, it is important to note and understand that her mother tongue is Russian and second language she uses in her work is Finnish, while English, which she studied only for 2,5 years, comes after that. Therefore we reserve our rights to any random mistakes you may find and apologize for any inconvenience it may cause to those, who truly appreciate beautiful English text with flawless grammar produced by professional journalists, translators and writers. We are trying our best to get our skills better all the time and you can help us to improve. All you have to do is to make a comment under the post, where you noticed a mistake, so we can correct it right away. Thank you in advance for your help and understanding! 


I discovered your beautiful magazine and loved Veronica's work in it. How can I use her material and/or the photos and/or hire her to shoot for my project/myself etc.?

Thank you for your kind words and appreciation of Veronica's input within our magazine. We really love to hear that! In order to use (and quote) any of our texts and especially the photos, you would always need to license them first. For that you should contact Veronica directly by email and specify your topic, whether it is photo licensing or a separate photoshoot that you need. You can tell us what photos or article you had in mind, and in case of a shoot we would appreciate more detailed information regarding location, your schedule as well as the fees. Please, note that we don't shoot nor license our professional work for free.

I saw your magazine and I want to be featured. What are my next steps?

First of all, we are glad you are here!  For all inquiries and contibution related questions we urge you to contact us by email via contribution@loungeandlifestyle.com and tell us shortly about who you are and why exactly we and our readers should be willing to hear more about you. You can send us links to your portfolio works and few samples, maybe accompanied with your short bio and tell us what motivates you in your work. If we find your characted and/or project worthy to be published in our print or in the Editor's blog, we will get back to you with more info. Please, note that we might not be able to respond to every email we receive and that our silence or rejection doesn't necessarily mean that your project (or you) is not good. We can be tied by location or time, and/or already finishing our next printed issue, which carries one logical theme, where we have chosen a certain amount of subjects to talk about, but we might want to write about you later on, when it is a better fit. We are very open to any suggestions, but we still reserve our right to share projects and write about people that match with our vision. We also don't want to hurt anybody and apologize to you upfront, if for any reason you don't hear from us.

I am another photographer/buyer/investor and want to cooperate/sell your magazine/invest in it etc. What is the best way to contact you?

Hello there! Depending on who you are, you can either contact Veronica Lounge directly via her business email in case of photography related questions or send your inquiry to the editor@loungeandlifestyle.com, if your question is about the magazine. Please, tell us more about you and your interests in your topic and expand on how can we possibly help you and speficy how exactly you are thinking to cooperate. Thank you very much for reaching out to us in advance!

Hello! I like your ideas and your magazine. How else can I help you other than buying your print magazine issues?

Thank you very much! We are glad that you like our ideas and are planning to buy our magazine issues - we are very grateful for your support. If you want to help us even more, you can follow us on different platforms - such as our Instagram and Facebook - and share it among your friends and ask them to *like* us. If you mean monetary support, you can always donate any sum to help us grow and bring you the most rich visual and photographic material both in return within our print and our Editor's blog. You can find our 'Donate' via PayPal -button in our Editor's blog. 

I am somebody and wanted to share some art, interesting design, movie or another photographer etc. with you, and who in my opinion is worth your time and could inspire other readers of your magazine - where can I send you the details of it?

Thank you! That is very kind of you! You can reach out to us by sending us a message on our Facebook page and share your links there easily. If you do not have Facebook, alternatively you can send us email to contribution@loungeandlifestyle.com.  - Yours, Lounge & Lifestyle team.



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